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November 16, 2021
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TAPSONIC TOP v1.23.20 MOD APK (Always Perfect)

The world of idols appears in an awe-inspiring way before the player’s eyes and urges them to discover what is in TAPSONIC TOP – Music Grand Prix. Then, they will choose their position in the group and start performing their favorite song. At the same time, each position in the game has its characteristics that you will consider choosing or experience in your way. So, this is undoubtedly a game that will interestingly entertain you.

TAPSONIC TOP – Music Grand prix


A colorful world and impressive performances appear one after another before the players’ eyes as they experience TAPSONIC TOP. It brings a feeling of complete comfort that anyone will not ignore because of the beauty it can get. So they will be completely immersed in the world of this game and can’t take their eyes off the performances they will be a part of. You will make sure the performance is always perfect.

Appearing in front of you, it’s a stage with female idol characters who look like characters from anime cartoons. You will accompany them through many different levels, and they will appear before your eyes through drawings on stages with many fans. Therefore, you will spend time to experience, perform and handle the elements that appear on the game screen. It can be said that the game has its entertainment and is suitable for many people.

TAPSONIC TOP – Music Grand prix


You will participate in the stages and also the stage performances of idols with impressive looks. TAPSONIC TOP gives you completely understandable gameplay but equally challenging because there are many factors that you need to handle correctly. For example, there will be circular elements falling one after another in this game, and you will find a way to press them quickly when they have just reached the two buttons located at the bottom.

This way of playing is not new at all, but it also makes players spend a lot of time practicing. The circles will slide past these buttons quite quickly, and if you are not careful, you will let them pass. However, in a game screen, you will not be able to make too many mistakes because each error will subtract a certain amount of HP located on the upper right side of the screen. In other words, if the HP bar is ultimately deducted, then the performance will stop, and you will have to start over.

TAPSONIC TOP – Music Grand prix

You are the one who ensures the stability of the game screen in this game when you will handle many different types of falling circles. Specifically, there will be another type of circle with a tail, and you will have to press until its tail is over. Also, some arrow effects will require you to swipe in a specific direction, and then some new buttons appear. Again, you will have to observe and press these circles precisely and in the right place.


When you experience a music game, besides accomplishing the game’s goal by correctly interacting with the elements that appear, the song is also an essential factor. You will both play the game and listen to different impressive songs. At the same time, it offers an entirely immersive experience, and you can choose to make it more enjoyable, like wearing headphones for a unique experience. You experience your world.

The songs in the game are straightforward to listen to, and anyone will love them. At the same time, you will gradually open up many different songs in this game and try other challenges. You will spend a lot of time experiencing and entertaining because each song has its characteristics and elements. So in a song, you can choose to take on completely different roles, and each has its distinct elements.

TAPSONIC TOP – Music Grand prix


When you start a song, you will consume a certain amount of stamina, and in other words, when you run out of stamina, you will need to do other things or buy more energy to experience. So it brings an element for players to experience the game reasonably. Also, at the start of the game, you will be given a choice of four multipliers with different properties noted on their images. So each note will have a specific effect on the level.

Once you have selected the song, you will see at the top left of the screen the song’s name and an element that matches the characters’ position. As mentioned above, the four characters will have different positions, and depending on the song, the number of points will be added accordingly. So you can choose any characters to experience the game or select the characters that match the marked music to get a higher score in this game.

Download TAPSONIC TOP (MOD, Always Perfect)

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Download TAPSONIC TOP (MOD, Always Perfect)

  • Always Perfect AutoDance

■■■ FEATURES ■■■
-「TAP & SLIDE」 representative of TAPSONIC.
- Amazing! Number of touch lines changes dynamically!
- Play famous DJMAX songs and TOP originals, Classics like 'CANON', 'BINGO' for free!
- Cast cute idols, and Support them to become a superstar.
- Compete real-time ranking against other competitors in Grand Prix mode. Challenge the world best rank!
- Enjoy music game play with Wireless headphone!


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