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November 16, 2021
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Order of Fate v1.20.3 MOD APK (Mega Menu)

Order of Fate! is a classic role-playing adventure game. Here you will venture deep into the Dungeon to uncover its mysteries.

The RPG genre is considered one of the most attractive genres when it gives players endless trips with hundreds of things to explore. What’s even more interesting is that the RPG has more than a hundred variations, one of which is called roguelike. It is also seen as a genre of RPG, where the player continually fights monsters in dark and dangerous dungeons. And if you want to experience the roguelike genre, come to Order of Fate an offline RPG where players can enjoy endless fun anytime, anywhere. Besides, the game will introduce eye-catching 2D graphics, along with a novel style of environment and objects more accessible to players.

Roguelike RPG Offline (MOD, Mega Mod) ***


The roguelike genre is an endless genre where players will constantly fight monsters in various locations under the dungeons. In one attempt, if the player fails on the way, they return to their starting point, losing all equipment and abilities, but the player retains the character properties. The exciting thing about this genre is that every process will be repeated, but the maps, terrain, upgrades, weapons, and monsters will all be randomly changed. So each attempt is a whole new trip, where players can search for new powers, new combos created from weapons and upgrades, and new enemies to fight. The application of the roguelike mechanism to the game, which “Order of Fate” has got perfect gameplay, and can entertain players for a long time, even anytime, anywhere without the Internet.

Roguelike RPG Offline (MOD, Mega Mod) ***


One of the characteristics of the roguelike genre is the variety of weapons and equipment, even a distinct hierarchy of power. The worlds of “Order of Fate” are mostly built in dungeons, but they have a medieval fantasy style to give players a new experience. Because of that, weapons and equipment were developed and designed in a medieval fantasy style, and most of them were melee weapons with a variety of shapes and powers. In each attempt, players can only carry up to two different weapons to create a combo, and along the way will drop hundreds of different weapons. Moreover, players can upgrade weapons on the road, even merge them to create new variations. Not only weapons, but armor and other equipment will be diverse for players to collect and equip.

Roguelike RPG Offline (MOD, Mega Mod) ***


Besides weapons and equipment, players can also collect powerful artifacts, and can permanently strengthen the player when equipped. They come in many different forms and uses, such as enhancing elemental power, even defense to a specific kind of attack. However, to collect these rare artifact fragments, the player must defeat the bosses that are located at the last levels of a biome. Depending on the biome, the shape and strength of the boss will vary, even giving players many challenges depending on the difficulty that the player is experiencing. Artifacts can also be purchased along the way if the player is lucky enough to meet them through the merchant.

Roguelike RPG Offline (MOD, Mega Mod) ***


All roguelike games introduce a permanent upgrade system where players can spend experience points that earn from killing monsters. Those upgrades will make characters stronger, tougher, and more agile over time, and even elemental powers will change dramatically. These upgrades apply permanently, even to subsequent attempts, and players will also face harder foes later in the journey. Moreover, the more points spent on upgrading, the more variant upgrades will appear for players to unlock and continue to upgrade.


All role-playing games must have a character skill element, even a large skill system for players to upgrade. But in this game is different, when players have to choose the most suitable skill to be able to continue with the next challenge. After players level up by destroying monsters at every level, they will be given three choices of skills, and they will be permanently applied to later challenges. The abilities will enhance the character’s power, such as unlocking active skills, or passive skills for the player to fight stronger monsters.

Roguelike RPG Offline (MOD, Mega Mod) ***

Order of Fate is a roguelike game whose world is built in a dark fantasy style, so players will not see friendly, lovable, or peaceful things. The game features only fierce battlefields, loads of weapons, hundreds of artifacts, and lots of challenges to entertain players. If you have never experienced a roguelike with the best experiences, then go to “Order of Fate,” where you fight to survive in a dark dungeon.

Download Order of Fate – Roguelike RPG (MOD, Mega Menu)

What's new

Download Order of Fate – Roguelike RPG (MOD, Mega Menu)

  • Run faster
  • Life is endless
  • The amount of blue is endless
  • The damage is higher
  • Unfinished gold coins
  • The diamond flower is endless
  • Rare stones can’t be used up
  • The game speed exceeds the original 3 times

Order of Fate welcomes you in it’s world! In this roguelike RPG adventure, inspired by the classic RPG games, you’ll venture deep into the Dungeon to explore its mysteries, fight hordes of enemies and collect tons of loot. Turn based system will let you plan your every move and special mechanics and interactions will put a twist on the tactical aspect.

“When ancient evil will arise in the depths, when followers of darkness will come out of hiding, when villages will be terrorized and people will be in danger, you’ll have no choice but to fight back!”

🗝Explore caves, dungeons and catacombs of the Ancient Castle.
⚔️Fight the demonic Cult and cleanse the world from hordes of monsters.
🛡Discover rare armor, equipment and magical artefacts.
💎Collect your rewards for quests and create your own unique setup that will help you survive in the Dungeon.

In this fantasy role playing game you’ll be able to enchant and upgrade your weapons, complete lore driven quests, get new skills for your characters and with each fight won, come closer to destroying the source of all evil.
Be warned, the Cult will stand in your way and only by uncovering their mysteries and finding their secret treasure rooms you’ll be able to prevail. But don’t get consumed by your greed for knowledge or treasure: the Dungeon is always ready to strike.
Choose your own fate — become the hero of lands that will go down in legends or become the nightmare who will bend the darkness itself to his will.


— Procedurally Generated Levels — every location is unique and will change each time you explore many levels of the Dungeon.
— Play Offline — our roguelike does not need to be connected to the internet all the time.
— Monster Variety — each monster provides new challenges and adds complexity to the fight if they cooperate.
— Dive into lore and meet unique characters — uncover the story of the lands, make friends along the way and write down your name history.
— Tons of quests, achievements, adventures and offline play makes our free roguelike RPG one of the best turn-based, strategic games on the market. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself!


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