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Omlet Arcade v1.85.3 APK + MOD (Plus Membership) Download

App Name Omlet Arcade MOD APK
Publisher Omlet
Genre Entertainment
Size 28M
Latest Version 1.85.3
MOD Info Plus Unlocked
Get it On
Google Play
Update October 9, 2021

The world has countless different players gathered to create friendly and strong gaming communities. Together, they enjoy the game with the best feeling, even looking for new friends to enjoy the game. This article will introduce Omlet Arcade, a powerful gaming community for mobile players. Through it, users can search for new friends, follow special content, and search for other news related to their favorite game. The app not only focuses on the game but will always offer the player lots of interesting news and the special bonuses of becoming a member of the community.


Omlet Arcade - Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games

Omlet Arcade is a gamer-oriented application, so its interface is designed in a modern and refined way while providing a friendly and easy interaction. On the app’s home page will be all news about all the current games, followed by a place where users communicate and know other users. Moreover, all of the functions and features of the app are neatly organized. That makes it easier for users to access all of the app’s content and plenty of time to explore all the app’s potential or capabilities. What’s impressive is that Omlet Arcade will introduce various options that allow players to customize or personalize the interface, providing an absolute user experience.


Omlet Arcade - Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games

Through Omlet Arcade, you can easily find new friends with similar interests, and from there explore games together or thanks to the special chat system. All of the users above are public, but there are also a few private servers for individual players that allow them to connect to enjoy private games. The app’s friend system is useful, helping users easily find other users through many different methods. Moreover, users will always be introduced to friends who share similar interests with them, from which to start getting acquainted and accompanying them together in games.


Omlet Arcade - Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games

Omlet Arcade is a strong community for gamers, and there will be millions of new content being broadcast to each person by other users. The application will have an interface for users to enjoy the streams and interact with other users and comment on the stream content. The streaming library will keep a neat categorization of games, and users have access to more streamers through their favorite games. Not only that, but players can stream and invite their viewers to the game to enjoy the content together.


Omlet Arcade - Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games

Omlet Arcade is that it supports many different online games and allows players to connect easily. The player has to use third-party software to create a private server in other games, but its stability is low and requires money to operate. But Omlet Arcade is different, where users can host themselves and create separate servers in their game and invite their friends. Of course, the server is located at Omlet Arcade’s headquarters, so each user’s connection is always stable and has the lowest latency. Since then, it creates a suitable environment for everyone to entertain each other through different games. Moreover, through that, players can easily customize their server with many attractive features.


Omlet Arcade - Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games

Communication is an important element in gaming, and multiplayer will seek out apps that help them contact their friends for a more enjoyable experience with the game. Omlet Arcade will integrate with the call or voice chat feature and give players a stable connection to directly communicate with friends or interact with each other. The impressive thing is that Omlet Arcade can come out as a bubble overlay, giving players access to some important features during gaming without having to switch apps. Through that, players can adjust the chat space, and that application can be applied on a large scale to entertain a group of people.


Omlet Arcade - Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games

If you have been interested and started a new career through the Omlet Arcade platform as a mobile streamer, it will offer many effective features to stabilize the work. In particular, the video and photo editor is one of the important factors, helping players edit videos or any other content to post on personal social networks. Users can share personal experiences with their favorite games in the community and find more friends or followers over time.

Omlet Arcade - Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games

Omlet Arcade is a platform and a friendly community for mobile game streamers or places where people gather to enjoy different games. The impressive thing is that Omlet Arcade supports a wide range of games, so the content it offers to the user is rich and vivid, giving the user an impressive experience. If you are a mobile game streamer or want to invite your friends to join games that support the server, then Omlet Arcade will be a perfect choice in many ways.

Download Omlet Arcade (Plus Unlocked)

What's new

Download Omlet Arcade (Plus Unlocked)

* Mobile Tournaments
Welcome new era of mobile esports with Omlet Arcade most recent feature - Tournaments!
Host and join tournaments in all the popular mobile games, play as solo, duo, squad or a team to have fun, show your skill, win trophies and other rewards!
- Easy registration
- Team invite codes
- Auto team-forming
- Brackets generation
- Match chats
Mobile esports never been easier! Stream and participate in tournaments at the same time. (Don't forget to use stream delay to avoid stream sniping and have a fair competition!)

* Omlet Plus
Power-up your streams with premium features, including:
- Unlimited, high-resolution mobile multi-streaming to Omlet and other popular social media platforms
- Personal RTMP link so you can stream to any other platform
- Special animated profile frames
- Exclusive overlays which are available only for Premium subscribers
- Stream performance reports
- Colorful live messages
- Custom watermark, thumbnail and Shield Mode image
- Much more to come!


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