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November 16, 2021
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Hexapolis v0.2.3 MOD APK (Free Shopping/Battle Pass)

A strategy game called Hexapolis allows you to develop your kingdom freely through elementary but equally challenging and careful operations. At the same time, during the game, you will also spend time completing the activities in the game and developing your city to become larger. In addition, there will be many things you choose from to grow; the factors are all related to each other.

Hexapolis: Turn Based Civilization Battle 4X Game


At the beginning of the game, you will get yourself a castle with a specific unit, and this is a strategy game, then players will know what they need to do. The feature of this area is that the area of land you will interact with and see the resources on it is completely limited. Specifically, they will be covered with white clouds, and this mechanism is not too strange in strategy games when it operates similar to black mist.

You will spend time developing your kingdom by performing activities to increase the level of your castle. Leveling up is necessary as it opens up various opportunities for players. Specifically, the amount of money you earn after a specific time will be increased, the number of units that appear for you to control also increases. In addition, you will undoubtedly receive various benefits as you level up, and above all, your influence will also rise.

Hexapolis: Turn Based Civilization Battle 4X Game


A similar mechanism with some games of the same genre is that you can access many different technologies, bringing a different effect. From there, in some areas, the benefits you receive will also increase. So, in Hexapolis, players will need to research what they should choose to develop the necessary elements and develop new technologies correctly. All options are related to coins that you will need to pay attention to.

There will be a research tree system, and as the name suggests, players will spend time unlocking new technologies, including areas of activities, buildings, and even units. You only get one unit in the game, and over time you will open many new units with different functions. Also, calling this system a tree is that you’ll need to orderly upgrade the elements and branch out so that you prioritize one over the other.

Hexapolis: Turn Based Civilization Battle 4X Game


The development of the kingdom needs to follow many factors to provide food for the people to increase the level of the city, unlock new technologies, earn more money. All these factors impact each other; when the level of the city is high, the amount of money you receive will be increased and open more things. Also, when you have new mining technologies, it comes back to feed the whole city and make you more money. When you increase a level, you will have one benefit.

This benefit is entirely diverse, like having an increase in your income or increasing units. They all contribute to the development of your land and help you unlock many new units. Over time, you will not be able to encapsulate in one area but can use units to move to other areas to expand the site and learn that environment. You can face enemies and destroy them; find wildlife and turn it into food; find lands with new resources to mine.

Download Hexapolis (MOD, Free Shopping/Battle Pass)

What's new

Download Hexapolis (MOD, Free Shopping/Battle Pass)

1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Diamonds
3. Unlimited Items
4. Paid Battle Pass purchased

Do you like turn-based strategy game? Hexapolis is amazing game for you. Build your epic civilization, win battle against tribes and grow up your HEX empire. Expand from small village to powerful age of kingdom.

Each turn is full of adventure. Expand and gain new hexes on the map. Build your village: houses, farms, bakery, armor, everything is up to you. Don´t forgot train your warriors, population, farms, research, technology. All can help you with victory and glory. How? Your army protect city. Your small village can change into powerful kingdom with castle.

Hexapolis features:
- Free turn based game
- 4x - explore, expand, exploit and exterminate
- Discover, build and develop research of new technologies
- Train your warriors and win battles against other tribes
- Choose your strategy and play amazing age of empire

How can you make your civilization stronger and unbreakable? There are many possibilities: expand to other hexes, increase population, build new buildings, earn more income, train warriors, build low poly structures.

Are you better single or multiplayer? Create alliance and cooperate. Why? You will be stronger and your kingdom will be safer.

Download and enjoy fantasy world of blocks Hexa polis.


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