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November 19, 2021
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DRAW CHILLY v1.0.35 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Lives)

An exciting quest that players can get inside DRAW CHILLY as they take control of the character Vladimir. It is a man who has a contract with the Reaper, and he has to fulfill his duty by going to various places and meeting many people. At the same time, this is not an easy process as you will fight against the enemy with your teammates. In addition, the difficulty will increase with the height you reach.



Players will enter a 2D world where you will control a character named Vladimir to carry out the Reaper’s quest. In this environment, the player can go through excellent graphics, and the player who will play will feel comfortable while experiencing it. The story is delivered dramatically and unexpectedly. So, you will join the character on a journey to bring people back to their place after some mistakes of the god of death.

In DRAW CHILLY, the player will receive a quest received directly by the Reaper, and our protagonist agrees after hearing the request. Specifically, Reaper’s colleagues were confused and sent some people to the wrong place. Your job is to bring these people right to the area and face the many enemies that appear in the work area. In addition, you will move in a reasonably short environment and rarely change because it only changes altitude.



In DRAW CHILLY, the player will control the character to move in an area where there is a factory. The two sides will be workers trying to pull the chain, and it will slowly increase in height over time. But climbing to high places is not quite as simple as you think because there will be many enemies that can appear before your eyes, and their number increases as you go to higher places. Therefore, you will need to master the combat skills of the game.

When you start on the 1st floor, you will receive a tutorial level to receive specific instructions on moving or attacking. You can move normally or use your motorbike to move faster. Also, your weapon is long-handled, and try to take down the monkeys that keep jumping on your moving factory. But there is an element that you will like that you will not fight alone but have teammates to support.


Besides the main character Vladimir, there will be characters controlled by AI and armed to fight with you against certain enemies. So you will join them in fierce battles with the enemy, but you need to realize that they can disappear, and sometimes you will fight alone. Also, as the battle progresses, personnel on both ends are responsible for pulling the chains. Still, this position is empty because of the fight, and you will need to replenish people immediately.


In addition to the regular attacks that you often experience in arcade games, players will receive some supporting elements that can appear at any time without you knowing in advance. For example, you can see boxes or similar things falling, and they possess a health bar. So you can use your weapons to smash them, and in it, you will get exciting skills that you will need to consider when using.

There will be many types of skills that you can find, such as creating a lightning ball. But you will not be able to use them continuously because each time you pick up skills, you will see how many times they are used. In most cases, they are disposable skills, and if you want to get yourself another skill, you have to wait for the crates to drop. There will be many ways to receive the chest like it can drop by itself or have a bird deliver.



In the process of playing DRAW CHILLY, you will defeat many different enemies, and they can drop a certain number of coins. They are called Vladcoins, which are the primary resource that you can use in this game. At the same time, its function is entirely understandable that is to bring new strength to Vladimir by upgrading the main character’s skills or strength. So you’ll need to make the right choice for Vladimir.

You can skip the power-up process and continue to focus on fighting the enemy through various matches. That makes perfect sense when there are not too many enemies in the early game that can threaten your HP. But over time, they can damage you continuously, and you can reasonably consider upgrading according to your wishes. So you can utilize the money you have in different ways.

Download DRAW CHILLY (MOD, Unlimited Money/Lives)

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Download DRAW CHILLY (MOD, Unlimited Money/Lives)

DRAW CHILLY is a hell of an arcade game where you take on the role of Vladimir and raise a city from the depths of Purgatory at the request of your employers, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Vladimir and his squad of brave, pure-hearted, yet occasionally hapless mechanics fight monkeys as they make their way upwards stage by stage to deliver the bosses, who have ended up in Purgatory by mistake, into the hands of the Reapers so they can be sent to Hell where they belong.

As you upgrade the city and help Vladimir and his squad grow stronger, you'll learn the backstories of each of your main enemies, see scenes from Vladimir's past, and meet the Four Horsemen, who are kind and have a sense of humor in this universe.

This 2D pixel arcade game lets you run left and right as much as your little heart pleases, but that's not all! It has other, more important features as well.


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