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November 25, 2021
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DEAD TRIGGER 2 v1.8.9 MOD APK + OBB (Ammo/Mega Menu)

Dead Trigger 2 is an action game combined with unique survival elements using the fascinating and beautiful Zombie subject. The player’s mission will be to become the lucky ones to survive in the middle of a pandemic; the player will have to find ways to survive and fight and support different survivors together. All dark forces, Zombies are trying to suck your blood, crush you and engulf the world in epidemics, so rise to protect yourself, protect those who see, and dissolve the dark air here to make the country as beautiful as before.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Game FPS shooter


The game takes place on a fictional plot of an engaging story based on rigorous proof by science as well as by experts. The development of humankind, the advancement of science and technology lead to the strong development of physical and chemical experiments. When experiments are launched, certain strengths and weaknesses can either fail or succeed. But this experiment failed again, leaving the world the biggest zombie disaster of all time. The development and transformation of the Zombie species crushed the army to protect the people, crush the organizations to save people. Players must incarnate in those army members to link with other organizations around the world to knock these bloodthirsty Zombies.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Game FPS shooter

The uniqueness lies in the character context is taken close to reality, attractive and attractive when applying Zombie as a new point of all destruction. Indeed everyone here will consider Zombie as a ferocious, terrifying bloodthirsty monster. But in the game, the game’s founders have brought Zombie in so that we can approach them to improve the difficulty, courage and let go of our fears to defeat them as quickly as possible. Applying the context as well as building the storyline, the character is also the attraction of the player in the game.


In the game, there are two groups outlined; one side is the heroes who help people with the respectful costumes, the powerful and powerful heroes are meticulously designed and sharp to highlight here the personality of each character; the second is the zombie monster full of blood streaks on the body, the skeleton is moving without any nuance, outstanding with a creepy look. Weapons of equipment used by the game’s founders with realistic 3D colors and graphics do not obscure its form. The colors are a bit deep compared to other games.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Game FPS shooter

The sound is flexible with many different music backgrounds; this will be a special attraction of the game to the player. Playing without a bit of music stimulation will make the game easy to become boring and find Dead Trigger 2 no longer unique and exciting. Music motivates the will to fight in each of us.


Coming to Dead Trigger, two players will become one of the six key members of The Hideout organization. With a structure of 6 members including one military medical officer, one engineer, one gunman, one technology researcher, one famous black market boss, and not to mention the 6th person is the main character of us, a gunman with top-notch pulls.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Game FPS shooter

As a gunman, the player’s main task in the game is to perform tasks such as rescuing trapped people, destroying giant mutated Zombies, or collecting resources and materials that functional needs. With the mechanism of automatically hitting or shooting when approaching the target, the player’s only task is to move and orient the attack to do the task. Try to hold the handle steady so that you won’t be deflected when shooting. Balance the angle of the shot so that the bullet is on its way.


The main character’s inventory in Dead Trigger 2 includes any two guns to change and operate depending on the situation, a melee weapon, grenades, medical items to heal. In addition, should not hold much to avoid heavy backpacks challenging to carry during transport. The ammunition box should be fully prepared when going to battle, as well as meticulously inspecting the gun.

In the game, players can get weapons through the game or put together recipe pieces to get a complete weapon. When the player has collected enough pieces of the recipe, the player can go to the gun shop to have him craft the gun in the recipe. So the fun of the game through the article described above, let’s fight the devil zombies to protect the country. Let’s play the game together and feel this uniqueness.

Download DEAD TRIGGER 2 (MOD, Ammo/Mega Menu)


7.FireRate Gun
8.FireRate light weapon
11.Mass Health
12.Mass Random
13.Spawn LackyBox
15.Arena New WAVE
18.Leave Gun
21.CrossHair Size
23.Fly Mode
24.Height Fly
28.Speed value
30.Circle Size
33.Warframe Chams Line
35.AutoCollect (new)
36.GodModeV2 (new)

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Download DEAD TRIGGER 2 (MOD, Ammo/Mega Menu)

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