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Cooking Frenzy v1.0.62 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The appeal of delicious food is always a strong motivation for players to find cooking simulation games. Those games always use the best visual quality to sketch the beauty of each dish, making them delicious and tasty in the players’ imagination. If you are interested in such games, then Cooking Frenzy will be the perfect choice for becoming a top chef. On top of that, the game also boasts of its graphics and visuals, ensuring that players will smell or taste all the food in the game even if they do not physically interact with them.

Cooking Frenzy®️ Restaurant Cooking Game


When players first come to Cooking Frenzy, it will introduce various culinary cultures to explore and admire all the basic ways to cook them. Next, the game will briefly introduce players through perfect and exciting gameplay, where they cook a multitude of different foods to serve their beloved customers. Besides, players can travel around the world and reach many types of customers in the places they go. All content in this game gives players a sweet and delicious feeling from food and gives them discoveries in the culinary world.


Cooking Frenzy’s gameplay style will put a lot of invisible pressure on players’ concentration, flexibility, and ability to remember correctly. As a result, all the customers who come to the store will have different orders, and players will begin to improve their speed in completing all the dishes in the fastest time possible. Fortunately, the game optimizes the player’s interaction with all the cooking utensils, and at the same time, helps them complete a perfect dish that meets the orders. Meanwhile, the game will continuously improve the player’s interaction with dishes over time and based on trending dishes, making the gameplay more flexible and richer for entertainment.

Cooking Frenzy®️ Restaurant Cooking Game


If players want to cook as quickly as possible, they need to upgrade the cooking equipment to process the ingredients faster. The upgraded system is developed in-depth and clearly classified, making every restaurant use a different system. However, that makes the gameplay more exciting as players will now be motivated to constantly cook and complete countless challenges that appear in each restaurant. In addition, players will gradually unlock new ingredients or dishes through the upgrade system and give them more options to serve customers with their best dishes.


The great thing about the game is that it gives players the chance to travel worldwide as a form of culinary travel. Depending on the player’s restaurant manager, the landscape and its culinary culture will change significantly. It is also an opportunity for players to collect rare photos of each location and create a collection from them. Furthermore, players can participate in many humorous mini-games globally, and they will be entertained and relaxed besides focusing on cooking for hours.

Cooking Frenzy®️ Restaurant Cooking Game


For cooking games, the visual quality is the key factor; even Cooking Frenzy introduces an attractive and exquisite graphics engine. Through that, the beauty of the food will be clearly emphasized, including the interior design and the surrounding landscape, creating a vibrant atmosphere at a restaurant. Above all, the graphics will continuously adapt to each different location, giving players the best experience when focusing on cooking to serve the storm of customers. Thanks to the attractive graphics, all visual elements of the game become more realistic and vivid and make the game more entertaining than ever.


What’s great about the game is that it lets players run a worldwide chain of stores, where they generate income thanks to the reputation they build through each restaurant. Moreover, the management system will be separate from the upgrade systems to give players more attractive options to develop a strong restaurant chain over time. Therefore, even though the game possesses a huge amount of content, the management of the chain stores is an important factor, and many interesting things will gradually unfold based on the progress of the people.

Cooking Frenzy is an entertaining and exquisite cooking game that brings the taste of a dish to the player through the vision. Moreover, the game will continuously update with new things to enrich the gameplay, and at the same time, give players many things to explore the impression of the game through the cuisine of the world.

Download Cooking Frenzy (MOD, Unlimited Money)

What's new

Download Cooking Frenzy (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Let's find your taste, your way to cooking steak, hamburgers and so on... Cooking Frenzy is much more than just a PurestTruest, and Fast-Paced kitchen restaurant game. Come and embrace the cooking craze 🍳 and feel the collecting fever🔥! We fused the popular collecting and diner dash gameplay styles together to offer you a different flavor of fun in this Cooking City🕹😝👻! Come and record your cookout diary!📚📚

A precious album of worldwide cuisines are divided into pieces and lost in different countries for a long time… All the world-class collectors, delicious gourmets, and crazy chefs👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 are looking for the lost cards and pieces. It is rumored that some famous restaurants are hiding the pieces in their kitchens, and use them as rewards for people who pass their diner dash cooking 🍳 challenges.

As a passionate chef, you are invited to take part in those challenges. Now you have the opportunity to make the album complete again. Accept this challenge! And start the treasure hunt around the cooking world! On this cooking adventure, you will:

🔥Travel across different 🌐 countries!
🔥Cook and Serve in various cooking city!
🔥Conquer the creative and addictive food levels!
🔥Feel the exotic taste of fantastic 🍱🥘 food!
🔥Collect the precious cards of distinctive🥢🍴cultures!
🔥Expand your collections and achieve great fame!
🔥Master the secret 📜 recipes of authentic food!
🔥Claim generous rewards and gifts for your victory!
🔥Enjoy the great graphics all about cooking mania!
🔥Have a fast-paced but relaxing time!
🔥Get endless fun from the engaging progression!


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